Positive Energetics Foundation Inc (P.E.F.), a Non-Profit Organization, was founded in 2009 to start helping people in the community for FREE who either could not afford Western medical care or did not want to undergo traditional Western therapy. With overwhelming support from the community, we decided that everyone should be able to archive healthy living through energetic medicine and traditional alternative therapies. P.E.F. was born, not out of the the desire to make money, but out of the need to help the community.

In 2009 Jenny Useldinger and Nathan Toler started the Organic / Holistic Garden Practice here at P.E.F. "In The Ground" is a alternative lifestyle awareness in regards to growing and cultivating your own "In The Ground" garden which emphasises growth based on bringing positive energy into the food that you will be eating.

We are offering free of charge services like Bio-Feedback with EPFX, Body Detoxification through a number of different therapies including Infra Red and Steam Spa, Acupuncture, Education Services on Lifestyle Changes, Organic Gardening, Health Awareness, Nutrition Awareness and others.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.