In The Ground

The Organic Garden Where You Pick Your Own Produce While Exchanging Energy With The Plants That Feed You.

 "The intention of In The Ground is to provide the people in the community organic produce whom can not afford it or grow their own".

"In the Ground" was formed out of necessity by Jenny Useldinger whom after having health issues decided to help the community. Jenny found it very frustrating that healthy organic produce was so unaffordable or unavailable in just about every community she visited.

"In The Ground" started as a means to assist people who can not afford to eat healthy produce and to people who want to grow their own produce but just don't have the space.

With people becoming more self-aware of what they eat and how bad the agriculture industry is, we have provided a healthy space on land here at the wellness center to seed, grow and cultivate healthy food for free.

"In the Ground" also provides, free of charge, produce for persons who can not afford to buy it.

Currently, we have 1/2 an acre of land set aside for "In The Ground" with plans to expand all 10 acres of land as soon as we recieve full funding. Since we are non-profit, it will take some time, but we have put the energy out since we believe the food we eat definitely effects our moods and quality of life.


Current budget list for "In the Ground"

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